Timothy Grabe, Attorney

I’ve benefited three times now from the expertise of Taylor Cothran, a forensic CPA at Cogence, on difficult cases. Taylor testifies like a dream, and she does thorough background workup so that the adverse attorney’s cross-examination of her opinions doesn’t get anywhere. During case workup, Taylor willingly dives right into murky piles of confusing financial documents, analyzes them, creates easy-to-understand exhibits for court that explain her testimony, and she makes herself available to prep for trial even at inconvenient times. She’s done a great job on cases ranging from maritime contracts, to loss of earning capacity on an injury claim, and to analyses of employment benefits. She also has the rare skill of being able to testify about present value of economic losses. In conclusion, she is able to testify with the same credibility as an economist, but with more attention to real-life facts than we typically see with economic theoreticians.