Sanford R. Landress, Esq. – Greene & Markley, P.C.

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Jay and his team were the key to our successful defense of a minority owner oppression case brought against our client by one of the most experienced plaintiffs’ firms in Oregon. He prepared the financial materials we needed to prove that there had been no oppression, and helped us to effectively cross-examine our opponent’s financial…

Kaye Youngren – CEO of Community Management, Inc.

Posted by on May 23, 2016 in

When we started the process of looking for a business evaluation our CPA gave us the name of three companies.  After interviewing the Cogence Group we knew they were the right company to do the job. From start to finish they were professional and thorough in their approach.  They gave us a list of the…

Steven D. Olson – Tonkon Torp LLP

Posted by on Feb 18, 2016 in

In a complex lawsuit arising from a failed sale of a large Washington company, Jay Sickler and his team helped obtain a favorable outcome by building a conservative damages model supporting a $25M damages award.  Jay carefully and effectively explained the model in writing and in deposition, and persuasively responded to criticism from our opponents’…

Tom K. Stern – Pacific NW Properties LP

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Cogence Group has completed several entity valuations for us over the past 10 years. As a closely held business, we have several times wanted to sell shares within our family for implementing estate planning strategies. Jay Sickler and Lincoln Eckhardt have assisted us by compiling justifiable valuations for our entities in order to accomplish ownership…

Thomas R. Johnson – Perkins Coie LLP

Posted by on May 26, 2014 in

“Our case needed someone who would be able to analyze a complex valuation very quickly, and Jay and his team at Cogence definitely delivered…In addition, in their work here, Jay and his team never forgot their obligation to be independent experts looking objectively at the parties’ arguments.”

Matt Levin, Markowitz – Herbold, Glade & Mehlhaf, PC

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“As an expert witness, Jay Sickler has a rare ability to both understand difficult concepts and to be able to teach them to lay people in plain English…I highly recommend Jay as an expert witness.”

David E. Grein – Parsons Farnell & Grein, LLP

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“Jay has supported PFG’s transactions department and clients for over 15 years…He is detail oriented, responsive, careful and consistently manages projects on budget.”

Craig R. Berne – Harris Berne Christensen LLP

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“Jay and his team did an excellent job for us. They answered our questions in a timely, concise manner. They helped us shape the testimony and evidence needed to establish the key points in our case…We wouldn’t hesitate to use Jay’s services again.”

Trung D. Tu – McEwen Gisvold LLP

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Recently, I have hired and worked with Jay Sickler and the Cogence Group on two cases that involved complicated accounting issues and extensive accounting records.  Cogence group’s work to verify and validate the book keeping and accounting was thorough, but yet efficient and cost effective for the clients.  In the most recent case, Jay testified…

Eric M. Mauss, CPA – Henningsen Cold Storage Co.

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“Jay and Lincoln’s expertise in the valuation of closely held businesses was beneficial in the valuation of our company for internal purposes…Cogence continues to provide the same expertise in a timely manner as we update the formula each year.”