We are best known in the legal community for our financial forensic services. Financial forensics can be defined as carrying out an investigation or analysis of financial information or accounting data in a manner which is suitable to a court of law. With more than 20 years of trial testimony experience in more than 140 cases, we have learned that to be effective in a court of law our work must be first and foremost accurate, but must also be based on integrity and objectivity. We also understand the critical importance of communicating our findings to attorneys, judges, and jurors in a manner that is persuasive and easily digestible. In fact, effective communication may be the single most important aspect of our job, and it is one that we believe separates us from our competitors.

Economic Damages

Economic damages come in all forms under tort and contract law. The lawyer’s challenge is finding a firm with the highest technical skills combined with the ability to communicate their findings to a trier of fact in an easily digestible way. Whether it is determining the lost profits to a business or measuring the unjust enrichment in an intellectual property dispute, Cogence Group has the skill set and experience necessary to perform any damages analysis and present the key finding to a judge or juror.

Shareholder Disputes

Cogence Group is often called upon to assist lawyers and business owners in shareholder disputes. Whether the dispute arises from a confusing buy-sell agreement or a claim of shareholder oppression, Cogence Group has the expertise to assist in the resolution. The combination of our technical expertise and our trial testimony experience make us an invaluable partner throughout the entire process.

Forensic Accounting

Forensic accounting engagements typically involve the extensive analysis of financial records and data to answer the question, “what happened to the money.” Forensic accounting requires the combination of accounting, auditing, and investigative skills. In a recent survey, 60 percent of attorneys ranked analytical, detail oriented and ethical as essential traits in a forensic accountant; while, 80 percent identified the inability to simplify the information and ineffective oral communication as the top two reasons why forensic accountants are ineffective. At Cogence Group, we couldn’t agree more. Our clients often provide feedback that suggests it is our technical skills and communication that separate us from our competition.

Intellectual Property

The valuation of intellectual property presents unique challenges, that to maneuver properly, requires a proficient understanding of economics, accounting, finance, and valuation theory. Cogence Group has valued a wide array of intellectual property from technology patents to trademarks and trade names. Whether it is in the context of litigation, a proposed transaction, or goodwill impairment testing, Cogence Group has the skill set required to properly measure the value of the intellectual property at issue.

Financial Advisor Disputes

Cogence Group has worked with national law firms representing the biggest financial advisory firms in the world to determine economic damages related to financial advisors. Whether the damages stem from a broker raiding case or by a departing broker violating the financial advisor protocol, Cogence Group’s analysis is superior to anything we have reviewed in the marketplace. We believe there are very few firms if any that have the depth of experience we have in determining economic damages in these unique and challenging cases.

Litigation Support Services

Cogence Group provides a wide range of litigation support services from initial consultation and advisory services to expert witness testimony. We have over 20 years of trial testimony experience and have testified in over 140 cases involving business valuation and financial forensics. We assist attorneys in all stages of the litigation process and believe our combination of technical skills, ability to simplify the complex and communicate effectively is what separates us from our competition.